Trump Administration Releases FY’18 Budget Outline Document

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Blueprint Gives Nod to Controversial Air Traffic Control Proposal; Silent on Major Airport Investment

On March 16th the Trump Administration released it’s much anticipated budget blueprint for Fiscal Year 2018.  The broad plan presented to Congress provides a first glimpse into the priorities of the new President and his Administration.  With respect to transportation the Administration’s budget request would shrink the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) by 13 percent which represents a $2.4 billion decrease from 2017 levels.  The document is silent on the Administration’s previously announced plans for major investment in the nation’s transportation infrastructure systems.

With respect to aviation the document expresses support for “a multi-year reauthorization proposal to shift the air traffic control (ATC) function of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to an independent, non-governmental organization, making the system more efficient and innovative while maintaining safety.”  As we have previously reported in our legislative updates, attempts to reshape the U.S. ATC system last Congress derailed any chances of Congress enacting a multi-year FAA Reauthorization bill due to bipartisan, bicameral opposition over the controversial proposal.    

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