Our committees play a critical role in the execution of AMAC’s mission, vision and strategic plan. Our goal is for each committee to be representative of our membership and include members from various functions and backgrounds.




Aviation Professional Development

The Aviation Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing AMAC's efforts to promote employment diversity in the airport industry, including all airport management and operations levels. In accomplishing its tasks, this committee supports AMAC's outreach efforts to build a pipeline of candidates for senior and executive leadership roles in our nation’s airports. The outreach efforts include planning, developing and implementing programs to enhance professional development opportunities and working closely with other trade associations to increase candidate visibility and readiness in preparation for airport leadership roles.

The strategic runways of the Aviation Professional Development Committee are:

Runway 1: Develop innovative and independent research materials regarding the hiring practices of senior and executive-level opportunities.

Runway 2: Develop a clearinghouse for senior and executive-level career opportunities.

Runway 3: Develop a strategy that allows for the identification of candidates seeking high-level careers in airports.

Runway 4: Develop a certification program that allows for the full development of potential airport executives.

Runway 5: Develop an Executive Search program to mentor those seeking senior and executive-level careers at airports.

  • Chair – Dwight H. Pullen, Jr., AECOM
  • Vice Chair – Jeanette Saunders, Jacobsen|Daniels
  • Vice Chair – Kelli Kelly, Kiewit
  • Vice Chair – Ebony Gaynor, Ever-Evolving Consulting
Chapters Development

The Chapters Development Committee is responsible for collaborating with the AMAC National Office on an action plan to introduce and expand local AMAC chapters.

  • Chair – Justina Mann, Houston Airport System
  • Vice Chair – Michael Washington, Palazzo Concessions
  • Vice Chair – Kimberly Sutton, Port of Portland

The Communications Committee advises the Board and guides the National Office on communication and engagement initiatives to amplify AMAC's engagement with its members and stakeholders. This committee conducts and helps produce content to engage and increase membership. Additionally, this committee supports the National Office by regularly updating and publicizing information about AMAC members, leadership, events and industry news.

  • Chair – Sunshine White, Delaware North
  • Vice Chair –  Annette Fisher, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
  • Vice Chair – Sioban Higgins, Ten Thirty Media
  • Vice Chair – Carla Chambers, The Nelson Ideation Group
Conference Planning

The Conference Planning Committee advises the Board and guides the National Office on all conferences and regional meetings. This committee is responsible for the overall planning and management of AMAC conferences and regional meetings, which includes: coordinating with the National Office to conduct the solicitation process for host cities/airports; negotiating host city/airport agreements; monitoring the execution of the agreements; collaborating with the host city/airport to plan each conference or meeting; overseeing the conference/meeting execution and evaluating the conference/meeting success against Board objectives. This committee is comprised of the Host Conference/Meeting Committee Chair(s), National Office, AMAC Board Second-Vice Chair, AMAC Foundation Board members and the contracted event planner. The Conference Planning Committee Chair serves as the National Chair for all AMAC conferences and meetings.

  • Chair – Karen W. Ellis, San Antonio International Airport
  • Vice Chair – Matt Evans, San Antonio International Airport
  • Vice Chair – Davita Taylor, Nashville International Airport
  • Staff Liaison – Anthony Barnes, AMAC
Corporate Development

The Corporate Development Committee advises the AMAC Board Chair on fundraising from public and private sources and helps secure critical financial resources for AMAC. In addition, the Corporate Development Committee Chair ensures that its activities are aligned with AMAC's strategic plan and other committees’ goals and objectives, particularly concerning strategies and initiatives for revenue generation and developing and nurturing corporate relationships.

  • Chair – Tonja Pastorelle, Pastorelle Marketing Group
  • Vice Chair – Jen Juul, Delaware North
  • Vice Chair – Manik Aurora, Arora Engineers
Nominations and Elections

The Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the election process. This committee prepares a slate of nominees for each of the Board vacancies, which is circulated in writing to all voting AMAC members in good standing no less than thirty (30) days before the date of the published election dates. This committee also develops electronic voting procedures and makes all preparations for balloting and the election of Board members, including the management of the election process with oversight by the Board.

  • Chair – Nick Ryan, RS&H
  • Vice Chair – Raven Berry, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Committee advises the Board on strategies to develop and enable emerging leaders in the aviation industry. An emerging leader is an individual under the age of 40 (at least 19 years) who desires to develop and advance in their career to a position of greater influence and leadership within the aviation industry. The mission and goals of this committee are to organize young professionals in the aviation industry by providing a platform for direct engagement, grow AMAC membership through engaging with non-aviation industry young professionals and educate young professionals on the growth opportunities within the industry. The committee is comprised of emerging leaders within the industry and at least one AMAC Board member as the Co-Chair.

  • Chair – Lauryn Mangum Reed, Servy
  • Vice Chair – Mori Russell, Concessions International
  • Vice Chair – Jose Cuevas, JFK International Air Terminal
  • Staff Liaison – Anthony Barnes, AMAC

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer and guides the organization’s fiscal accountability through budgeting and expense planning. Other committee members are the First and Second Vice Chairs of the Board. The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget, providing recommendations and addressing issues related to all AMAC financial policies. The Board must approve other committee members.

  • Chair – William Swift, Business Traveler Services, Inc. and Swift Services, Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Simeon Terry, Austin Commercial
  • Staff Liaison – Jovan Goldstein, AMAC
Governance and Performance Management

The Governance and Performance Management Committee oversees overall performance metrics by measuring the performance quality of the Board as a whole and individual Board members. This committee reviews and recommends Codes and Standards of Conduct that apply to the Board and AMAC National Office to the Board for approval. Additionally, this committee is responsible for interpreting, clarifying and disseminating the By-Laws to the membership and ensuring proposed By-Law amendments are consistent with AMAC's articles of incorporation and strategic plan. This committee is charged with considering proposed amendments to the By-Laws, making recommendations to the Board on proposed amendments and preparing and presenting amendments to the Board for approval and adoption by AMAC members.

  • Chair – Goodwille Pierre, Goodwille Pierre, LLC / The Pierre Firm, PLLC
  • Vice Chair – Maria Martinez, Areas USA
  • Vice Chair – Iris Messina, Hudson
  • Vice Chair – Hezekiah Harris, CMTS LLC
  • Staff Liaison – Mareco Edwards, AMAC
Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee is charged with monitoring, recommending, preparing and presenting AMAC's positions on legislative and policy matters about federal, state and local government. This committee establishes AMAC's legislative agenda and plans AMAC's annual congressional meetings in Washington, DC. Members of this committee are the AMAC Board First and Second Vice Chairs, Government Affairs Committee Chair and AMAC members in good standing.

  • Chair – Ken Weeden, Ken Weeden & Associates, Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Farad Ali, Asociar
  • Vice Chair – Robin Gibson, Fraport USA
  • Vice Chair – Gonzalo de la Melena, Emerging Airport Ventures
  • Vice Chair – Andre Titus, Marketplace Development
  • Staff Liaison – Rod Hall and William A. Kirk, K&L Gates

The Membership Committee is responsible for AMAC's membership initiatives. Its specific responsibilities are establishing the annual membership drive, validating the organization’s membership list and overseeing membership activities (such as solicitations, renewals and delinquencies).

  • Chair – Tosin Kasali, HMSHost
  • Vice Chair – Victoria Johnson, HDR Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Rachel Goodman, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
  • Vice Chair – Cynthia Rumph, Fashion Spa House
  • Staff Liaison – Anthony Barnes, AMAC