2023 Member Testimonials: Interviews

2022–2023 Member Testimonials: Quotes

2022 Member Testimonials: Interviews

2021 Member Spotlights

Kerry Adams

Director of Culture & Community
Departure Media Airport Advertising

“Through AMAC, I get exposure to a diverse group of people and all of the micro-industries within aviation that I just can’t get anywhere else. AMAC is full of people who genuinely want to see other people succeed as much or more than themselves. There is nowhere else that I find the same sense of community and support.”

Krystel T. Davis

Manager, Human Resources Services
BWI Marshall Airport

“AMAC is a dedicated community focused on the advancement and success of people like me. I will continue to be a member because I believe in the vision of the organization and I see the mission being carried out in many ways every day.”

Dale J. Deransburg, Jr.

Author, CEO, C.S.F.P. and C.E.A.
Deransburg International

“AMAC is an amazing organization that nurtures, educates and fosters networking within the C-Suite, and allows us as members to help airports, vendors, business owners and minorities with financial education awareness and advocacy.”

Karen W. Ellis

Chief Experience Officer
San Antonio International Airport

“AMAC provides an opportunity for business owners venturing into the airport industry to find a sense of community.”

Cynthia Gooding

Fashion Spa House

“AMAC provides an opportunity for business owners venturing into the airport industry to find a sense of community.”

Siobhan Higgins

Founder, Owner and  Managing Director
Ten Thirty Media

“The most important aspect of being a part of AMAC is access to lawmakers and the opportunity to help shape how our industry promotes equality. The aviation industry now more closely reflects the diversity of our nation, due to AMAC’s efforts to ensure regulations are driven towards an equitable playing field.”

Lauryn Mangum Reed

Vice President of Business Development

AMAC welcomes you and makes you feel like family. It does not matter if you are brand new to the industry or a veteran, everyone wants to see you succeed and takes pride in networking, connecting, exceeding and celebrating accomplishments.”

Maria Martinez

AMAC is an organization that supports the advancement of women and minority-owned businesses. As a Latina woman, it is important to me to advocate towards this effort and ensure we are all given the same opportunities.”

Mary Morgan

Morgan Group Ventures, Inc.

“AMAC conferences, meetings, panel discussions and forums have facilitated not only access to but also the establishment of long-term business relationships with key players in the aviation industry.”

Tammi Morgan

Assistant Commissioner of Compliance Audits and Workforce Development
Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)

AMAC is important to support and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the aviation industry. It is a vital organization that advocates for small and minority-owned businesses. I think it provides key support to airports and businesses in the industry through advocacy, connections, programming, legislation and training. I join each year to support the programs, stay connected to my peers, learn about programs/operations at other airports and support DBE/ACDBE businesses.”

Steve Pelham

Vice President
Jacobs Aviation—Americas

AMAC allows me to learn, share and grow within the aviation marketplace. I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the growth of diverse firms, airport communities and individuals who love aviation as much as I do and I find it highly rewarding.”

Dwight H. Pullen, Jr.

National Core Market Leader Senior Vice President, Global Aviation – Americas Leader

“I joined AMAC to be a part of a community of professionals, and those professionals just so happened to look like me.”

Jorge Roberts


“AMAC provides a voice to underrepresented groups so we can achieve racial equity and full inclusion in our industry. As a minority, this struggle is personal to me. Organizations such as AMAC have been instrumental to my professional success.”

Gwen Stokes

Vice President, Sales
Clear Channel Airports Philadelphia

“AMAC’s corporate partners make a difference in the lives of the people they employ by making sure that these partners contribute and commit to diversity.”

Marian Van Poppel

Founder and Managing Partner
MVP Sales + Marketing

“While I was actively following AMAC and attending annual conferences, it wasn’t until the pandemic that I took the opportunity to become a member. I have personally gained so much in the process. I have broadened my knowledge of the industry, connected with many leaders and have deepened my knowledge through the extensive AMAC programming.”

Michael E. Washington

President & Co-Owner
Palazzo Concessions

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic, AMAC was very instrumental in working with Congress to pass the CARES Act and provide financial relief for the small business operators and primes in airports.”

Yolanda Woodruff

Director of Retail Operations
Unison Retail Management

“AMAC provides its members access to educational resources on how to be successful in the airport industry, a platform to connect directly with decision-makers and access to a network of like-minded professionals, who share the goal of full participation of minorities and women in employment and contracting opportunities throughout the aviation and aerospace industries.”

Shawnta Young

Commercial and Marketing Manager
Midway Partnership / Vantage Airport Group

“AMAC is a source for networking with others in the same industry as well as meeting new people around the world. During these COVID-19 times, AMAC continues to inspire by providing innovative ways to communicate virtually.”

2021 Testimonials

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