Business Tax Expert Brian Joubert Joins AMAC

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New AMAC member Brian Joubert, founder of fast-growing L&B Tax Service, says that he was hard-wired from birth to be an entrepreneur.  “I don’t think there was ever any doubt that I would work for myself growing a business,” he says.

“I started my first enterprise at age 13,” he adds, with a smile.  “I shined shoes at a major hotel.”

From that auspicious beginning the New Orleans native went on, in his early 20s, to start and run a janitorial service and a courier service.  In 1996, he ultimately settled into his life’s work as a business tax consultant.

L&B Tax Service, Inc. which Joubert started in his home in Mableton, GA is now in its 20th year. He and his wife Lori (the L in L&B) have grown the company to seven locations that include Houston, New Orleans and Washington, DC. .

“I was introduced to the tax business when I had my courier service,” the Joubert recalls.  “I wasn’t pleased with the way my taxes had been done, so I decided to learn more about the occupation.”  With a business management degree from Southern University, it wasn’t a stretch for Joubert to augment his studies, earn his certifications and set up shop.

“In fact I combined my tax service with my courier service,” he says.  “I offered to pick-up materials and come back with completed returns.  It gave me a little edge!”

He says that the tax industry was a perfect fit for his personality.  “I’m a continuous learner, and that’s important in this ever-changing tax climate.”  He also notes that he likes people and loves to help small businesses.

With his eye on continued growth, Joubert has joined AMAC and is eager to pursue clients and business opportunities in the aviation industry.  “I was introduced to the organization by my old friend Krystal Brumfield, AMAC’s new president and CEO” he says.  “I have enormous respect for her.”

He says he shares Brumfield’s commitment to MBEs and wants to help “small businesses become big businesses.”

He offers three quick tips for success to new AMAC entrepreneurs.  “Make sure you incorporate your business correctly—know the differences between a sole proprietorship, an LLC and a Corporation.  The right selection can save you tax money.  Second, keep abreast of the changes in laws and climate in the aviation industry.  AMAC can help you with that.  And third, find an excellent business tax advisor to help you make smart decisions.”

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