Meet the 2021 Nominees: AMAC Board of Directors

Simeon Terry

Vice President of Diversity Affairs, Austin Commercial


William H. (Bill) Swift

Owner, Business Traveler Services, Inc. and Swift Services, Inc.


Lauryn Mangum Reed

Director of Innovation & Business Development, Stellar Partners, Inc.


Andre Titus

Compliance Manager, Marketplace Development, Boston Logan International Airport


Tonja Pastorelle

President, Pastorelle Marketing Group


Milan Patel

President, OHM Concession Group


Kimberly Sutton

Small Business Development Program Manager, Port of Portland


The AMAC Elections and Nominations Committee is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the election process. This committee prepares a slate of nominees for each of the Board vacancies, which is circulated in writing to all voting AMAC members in good standing no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the published election dates. The Elections and Nominations Committee also develops electronic voting procedures and makes all preparations for balloting and the election of Board members. This committee conducts and manages the election process with oversight by the Board. Please review Articles IV, V and VII of the AMAC Bylaws if you are considering running for office or voting for an AMAC member in good standing to run for office.


Open Positions

  • 2nd Vice Chair
  • Board Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Regional Director–Northeast (1)
  • Regional Director–Midwest/Great Lakes (1)
  • Regional Director–Central (1)
  • Regional Director–Northwest (1)
In order to nominate a candidate or run for office in the 2021 election, you must be a member in good standing. To vote in the 2021 election, an individual must be an eligible voter as defined below. Student members do not currently have the privilege of voting in general meetings, nominating candidates for office, standing for office yourself or voting during the 2021 elections.


An AMAC member in good standing (dues paid by March 30, 2021) and who is one of the following:
  • Airport Representative Member (One of Two Votes)
  • Business Member (One Vote)
  • Corporate Representative Member (One of Two Votes)
  • Individual Member (One Vote)
  • Reside, own, operate or are employed by a business or have business interests in the same AMAC region as a Regional Director candidate 

Candidates AMAC Membership Must Be Current as of March 31, 2021

  • Nominations Period: March 1–31, 2021
  • Board Approval of Candidates Slate: April 14, 2021
  • The 2021 Campaign Dates: May 1–31, 2021
  • Candidates Campaign Period Closes: May 31, 2021
  • Electronic Voting Period: June 1–14, 2021
  • Membership Ratify 2021 Board of Directors During Virtual Annual Meeting: June 15, 2021