The Aviation Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing AMAC's efforts to promote employment diversity in the airport industry, inclusive of all levels of airport management and operations. In accomplishing its tasks, this Committee is responsible for AMAC's outreach efforts to build a pipeline of candidates for senior and executive leadership roles in our nation’s airports. The outreach efforts include planning, developing, and implementing programs aimed at identifying, training, enhancing opportunities for professional development, and working closely with other trade associations to increase candidate visibility, and readiness in preparation for leadership roles in airports.

The strategic runways of the Professional Development Committee are:

Runway 1: Develop innovative and independent research materials regarding the hiring practices of senior and executive level opportunities.

Runway 2: Develop a clearinghouse for senior and executive level career opportunities

Runway 3: Develop a strategy that allows for the continuing identification of candidates seeking high level careers in airports.

Runway 4: Develop a certification program which allows for the full development of potential airport executives.

Runway 5: Develop an Executive Search program designed to provide mentorship to those seeking senior and executive level careers at airports.