Corporate Development

The Corporate Development Committee advises the AMAC Board Chair on matters related to fundraising from public and private sources, and helps to secure critical financial resources for the Council. In addition, the chair of this committee ensures that its activities are aligned with the Strategic Plan and other committees’ goals and objectives, particularly concerning strategies and initiatives for revenue generation and developing and nurturing corporate relationships.

  • Chair - Vacant
  • Staff Liaison – Chermaina Roundtree, AMAC

Elections and Nominations

The Nominations/Elections Committee is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the Council's election process. This committee prepares a slate of nominees for each of the vacancies on the Board of Directors, which it shall circulate in writing to all voting members of the Council in good standing not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the published election dates. The Nominations/Elections Committee shall also develop electronic voting procedures and make all preparations for balloting and the election of persons to serve on the Board of Directors. The Committee conducts and manage the election process with oversight of the Board.

  • Chair – Simeon Terry, Austin Commercial
  • Vice Chair – Cheryl Hawkins, Tampa International Airport
  • Staff Liaison – Chermaina Roundtree, AMAC


The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer and guides the organization’s fiscal accountability through budgeting and expense planning. Other members of this committee are the First & Second Vice-Chairs of the board. The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget, and for making recommendations and addressing issues relative to all AMAC financial policies. Other committee members must be approved by the Board.

  • Chair – Randy Hazelton, H & H Hospitality
  • Staff Liaison – Jovan Goldstein, AMAC

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee is charged with monitoring, recommending, preparing and presenting the Council's positions on legislative and policy matters pertaining to Federal, state and local government. This committee establishes the Council’s legislative agenda and plans the coordinates the Council's annual Congressional meetings in Washington, DC. Members of this committee are the First Vice-Chairperson, the Second Vice-Chairperson, the Government Affairs Committee chair, and volunteer Members of the Council in good standing.

  • Chair – Farad Ali, Raleigh–Durham International Airport
  • Vice-Chair - Corliss Stone-Littles, Corliss Stone-Littles, LLC
  • Staff Liaison - Rod Hall, K&L Gates
  • Government Affairs Representative - William A. Kirk, K&L Gates

Governance and Ethics

The Governance and Ethics Committee is responsible for overseeing overall performance metrics, measure the quality of performance of the board as a whole, and of individual board members. Additionally, the Governance and Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board for approval the Codes of Conduct and Standards of Conduct that apply to Directors and employees of the Council; is responsible for interpreting, clarifying, and disseminating the By-Laws to the membership, as well as for ensuring that proposed amendments to the By-Laws are consistent with the AMAC Articles of Incorporation and Strategic Plan. This Committee is charged with considering proposed amendments to the By-Laws, making recommendations to the Board on proposed amendments, and preparing and presenting amendments to the Board of Directors for approval and adoption by the Members of the Council.

  • Chair - Maria Martinez, IHOP
  • Staff Liaison - Mareco Edwards, South River Partners


The Membership Committee is responsible for the Council’s membership initiatives. Its specific responsibilities are establishing the annual membership drive, validating the organization’s membership list, monitoring and overseeing membership activities (such as solicitations, renewals and delinquencies).

The AMAC membership cycle is May 1-April 30. Members choosing automatic renewal will be billed on April 30. If you wish to terminate your automatic renewal, please submit a request to

You can also visit the AMAC membership site, login and change your information at any time.

  • Chair - Bill Swift, Business Travelers Services
  • Vice Chair – Mori Russell, Concessions International
  • Staff Liaison – Anthony Barnes, AMAC

Professional Development

The Aviation Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing and implementing AMAC's efforts to promote employment diversity in the airport industry, inclusive of all levels of airport management and operations. In accomplishing its tasks, this Committee is responsible for AMAC's outreach efforts to build a pipeline of candidates for senior and executive leadership roles in our nation’s airports. The outreach efforts include planning, developing, and implementing programs aimed at enhancing opportunities for professional development, and working closely with other trade associations to increase candidate visibility and readiness in preparation for leadership roles in airports.

The strategic runways of the Professional Development Committee are:

Runway 1: Develop innovative and independent research materials regarding the hiring practices of senior and executive level opportunities.

Runway 2: Develop a clearinghouse for senior and executive level career opportunities.

Runway 3: Develop a strategy that allows for the continuing identification of candidates seeking high level careers in airports.

Runway 4: Develop a certification program which allows for the full development of potential airport executives.

Runway 5: Develop an Executive Search program designed to provide mentorship to those seeking senior and executive level careers at airports.

  • Chair - Chellie Cameron, Philadelphia International Airport
  • Staff Liaison - Mareco Edwards, South River Partners